Taransaud Cooperage has been making barrels since 1932 in Cognac, and documents show that a member of the Taransaud family was making barrels in the region as far back as 1652.

The cooperage makes barrels for many of the worlds’ top wineries as well as tanks and casks for fermentation and aging. Taransaud combines time tested tradition with modern innovation to achieve a high quality crafted product with great reproducibility.

These barrels are prized by winemakers for their consistency. Carefully selected French oak, the wood is sorted by grain width, seasoned and air dried to strict minimums certified by an outside auditing source. Bureau Veritas attests to the French origin as well as the open air seasoning times of all the wood used.

Toasting teams use the classic oak fed firepot combined with digital time and temperature readings to ensure even toasting for reliable toast flavors.

Extensive testing of wood before it enters the ageing yard, and testing of all containers for haloanisols and other potential contaminants, brings more technology to bear to create the best possible product.

Taransaud barrels are well known for Bordeaux varietals and are gaining an increasing use with other fine varieties as well. 

Taransaud North America imports these barrels into the United States and western Canada.